Young boy sentenced in Prophetstown arson

Young boy sentenced in Prophetstown arson

Although children in Waukesha are often curious to find out how and why things work, playing with fire may result in disaster. Many young adolescents act quickly without realizing that there are consequences to their actions. Peer pressure can also be a factor when children commit destructive acts and juvenile crimes.

A 12-year-old boy from New York found himself caught up in such a situation when he pleaded guilty to setting a fire in Prophetstown’s business district. The young boy was joined by his 16-year-old half-brother who faces multiple criminal charges, including arson, criminal damage to property and residential arson. Facing a stint in the juvenile correction facility, the teenager is currently on GPS monitoring and will head to court on April 8th. The younger boy was sentenced to probation for five-years for a single arson charge.

The arson took place on July 15th behind Cindy Jean’s Restaurant when the two boys set a plastic recycling bin on fire. The boys were staying with their father who also resides in Prophetstown. The fire quickly blazed through eight buildings. There were no fatalities or injuries during the fire, yet seven people were left homeless due to the fire’s destruction. A possible plea deal is being considered by both the defense attorneys and prosecutors.

Handling juvenile crimes is a very sensitive subject for everyone involved. Teenagers are impressionable, and one criminal act can have a major impact on the rest of their lives. An attorney who is experienced with the juvenile law system can help to ensure the child’s rights are upheld, and that they have the chance for a bright future.

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