Woman in Wisconsin drunk driving crash unresponsive in vehicle

Woman in Wisconsin drunk driving crash unresponsive in vehicle

A recent accident occurred in Wisconsin involving a 43-year-old woman. Rock County deputies are said to have responded to the scene. The incident resulted in police officers making a drunk driving arrest. Reports indicate that the accused has a past history of multiple offenses involving driving while intoxicated.

The woman who was behind the wheel of the car was reportedly driving on a local roadway in Rock County. According to reports, her vehicle veered into some gravel located in the southbound direction of the road. Reports from the sheriff’s department stated that upon entering the gravel, the driver apparently over-corrected her steering, which then caused her car to enter into a spin.

At some point, the vehicle ended up in a ditch on the northbound side of the road. The car apparently came to a halt after crashing into a tree. When first responders arrived at the accident scene, they found the woman still in her vehicle, but unresponsive. Deputies immediately began to render emergency aid and, in doing so, claimed that the vehicle smelled of alcohol.

The deputies helped the woman as much as they were able, then transferred her to a nearby hospital for further medical care. Officers say that she ultimately admitted that she had been drinking alcoholic beverages before driving the car. A drunk driving arrest was made in the aftermath of the accident. In similar cases, Wisconsin residents accused of operating motor vehicles while intoxicated rely upon experienced legal representation as they prepare to face the charges against them.

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