Woman fatally injures ex-boyfriend in an act of domestic violence

Woman fatally injures ex-boyfriend in an act of domestic violence

Crimes of passion and domestic violence can occur when strong feelings are involved in a relationship. While the majority of these crimes involve female victims and male perpetrators, there are instances where a female acts out in a criminal way against her significant other. Often times, these situations stem from jealousy or a feeling of rejection. It is said that many domestic violence crimes involving women as the perpetrators go unreported in Wisconsin. There are some instances where a criminal act of domestic violence cannot go unnoticed.

The mother of a 34-year-old man came upon a horrific crime scene involving her son and his ex-girlfriend over Father’s Day weekend. The couple had been having relationship problems and had been separated for a short time prior to the incident. That Saturday, the 29-year-old woman made the devastating decision to fatally injure her ex-boyfriend with a bullet to the back of the head, as well as one to her own.

Witnesses say that the young women had desperately wanted to get back with her former boyfriend. However, no one knows exactly what lead her to act out in such a way. The woman and man both had children from different relationships. The victim’s mother was prompted to visit her son after he failed to show up to his boy’s baseball game and did not contact anyone on Father’s day.

Many women become so involved in a relationship, that they are unsure of how to handle their feelings if the relationship should fail. Women who find themselves facing domestic violence charges may want to contact a reputable attorney, who may be helpful in providing vital legal information. They can also assist the accused in creating a strong defense case.

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