Woman faces reckless homicide charges after teen’s death

Woman faces reckless homicide charges after teen’s death

Drug users are constantly looking for new ways to increase their high by mixing chemicals that enhance the experience. This practice is particularly common with teenagers in Jefferson County, who often mix illegal drugs such as cocaine or heroin with prescription drugs that are obtained illegally with little thought to the serious consequences of their actions. There are often tragic results when these drugs are mixed, and the most extreme situations may result in the death of the drug user.

After a 17-year-old girl died of an alleged drug overdose, a Watertown woman has been charged with reckless homicide. The woman allegedly sold the girl heroin, which the girl later mixed with Xanax. According to witnesses, the woman admitted selling the heroin but appeared not to have known that the girl was intending to take another drug. However, she denied her involvement to law enforcement.

The alleged victim’s boyfriend said that the woman told the girl not to take the heroin all at the same time because of its purity. Since two drugs were involved, it may be difficult for prosecutors to prove their case. It was unknown whether any other evidence has been gathered against the woman, who is facing drug charges in another county.

When someone contributes to the death of another person through providing a controlled substance, they can be held criminally responsible and find themselves serving a prison sentence. If this woman did, indeed sell the heroin to the girl, she may want to think about seeking a plea deal to obtain a lesser charge and sentence. Anyone facing reckless homicide may want to discuss his or her case with an attorney.

Source: Daily Union, “Watertown woman charged in Jefferson teen’s heroin death,” Ryan Whisner, March 22, 2013