Woman faces child neglect and drug charges in pharmacy theft

Woman faces child neglect and drug charges in pharmacy theft

If the police reports are correct, a Wisconsin woman recently demonstrated the overwhelming influence that drug addiction can have on the person’s behavior. The 30-year-old woman left her 2-year-old child in her car, entered a Kmart store, climbed into the ceiling crawl space, and stole drugs from the pharmacy. Because police had already been alerted to her car in the store parking lot, they apprehended the suspect on her way out of the store and filed drug charges against her.

In addition to the drug charges, she has been arrested for theft and child neglect. Police allegedly found the woman’s child in a safety seat in the back of the vehicle. They gained access through an open moon roof and found the child, apparently in good health. While in the store, the suspect allegedly took a step ladder to the back area of the store near the pharmacy.

She allegedly had climbed into the ceiling’s crawl space and navigated into the pharmacy through a large open hole in the ceiling. When she left the pharmacy, police say that an alarm was set off in the store near the pharmacy. She then attempted to leave the store without paying for whatever objects she was carrying.

Police then detained her, and claim that they found 18 bottles of different pills in a Kmart plastic shopping bag on the suspect’s person. The charges together under Wisconsin law would put the woman in prison for many years. Defense counsel’s job, if the drug charges and other allegations are supported by sufficient evidence, is to obtain a plea agreement that will allow her to have a chance to obtain treatment and go on with her life. That may be difficult to do, however, because she is combating prior charges of theft and identity theft for allegedly trying to steal money from a bank where she was employed.

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