Wisconsin woman wrongfully charged with OWI after receiving injury

Wisconsin woman wrongfully charged with OWI after receiving injury

Having a DUI charge on a criminal record can affect many aspects of a person’s life. Not only does it make finding employment in certain industries difficult, but it can generally ruin one’s reputation as well. This is especially frustrating for Wisconsin residents who have been falsely arrested and charged with operating under the influence of alcohol.

One such incident occurred in February of 2013, which damaged the reputation of a Milwaukee woman and caused her extensive physical injuries. She has filed a complaint against a Milwaukee officer who falsely charged and arrested her for an OWI. The complaint may evolve into a civil rights lawsuit in order to claim repayment for over $1 million in medical bills stemming from an accident caused by the officer.

The accident occurred when an officer pulled out and struck the 25-year-old woman driver as she was passing. The collision sent her into a tree, breaking her neck in four places. She was then questioned by officers, who arrested her on OWI charges. Although she was unable to take a Breathalyzer test due to her extensive injuries, the officers conducted a blood test to measure her blood alcohol content. The blood test results later proved that the woman was completely sober during the accident.

The officer admitted to being at fault for the accident nearly 10 months later. An airport security camera confirmed that the officer had run the stop sign and caused the collision. The woman continues to work closely with her attorney in an attempt to get compensation for her injuries and to clear her name.

Those who receive false DUI charges may want to seek legal counsel from an established attorney. An attorney may ensure that a person is not wrongfully convicted of a DUI, saving them from years of devastation.

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