Wisconsin woman knocked unconscious: Man faces violence charges

Wisconsin woman knocked unconscious: Man faces violence charges

Those charged with domestic violence in Wisconsin may be looking at some harsh consequences. A domestic violence conviction may come with a restraining order, fees and potential jail-time. There are long-term effects from having a domestic charge on a criminal record. Not only is it hard to find employment in certain industries, but domestic violence offenders may be prohibited from carrying concealed weapons or obtaining professional licenses.

A Wisconsin Rapids man is under investigation on a domestic violence case involving a woman. Following a violent evening, the woman claims that she was punched repeatedly after being thrown down the stairs by the man.

Earlier that evening, the woman claims that she was knocked unconscious as she was driving the 35-year-old man home. After she regained consciousness, she found the man driving the car from the passenger seat. As the fighting continued, the woman parked the car in the street and attempted to escape.

Police officers found the woman’s abandoned vehicle in the middle of the street. Upon finding blood in the car, they went to the woman’s residence and found her and the offender arguing near the stairs.

Disorderly conduct, false imprisonment and misdemeanor battery charges were filed against the man as a result of the incident. His first court appearance is scheduled for March 24, where he will face a sentence of 13-years in prison if found guilty of the charges.

Facing domestic violence charges can be intimidating when considering the harsh effects they can have on the future. A reputable criminal law attorney may be able to supply people with the legal counsel they need to achieve the best outcome possible.

Source: Stevens Point Journal, “Police: Abandoned car, blood lead to Wisconsin Rapids domestic violence arrest,” Feb. 27, 2014