Wisconsin woman accused of drunk driving after serious accident

Wisconsin woman accused of drunk driving after serious accident

People are injured in car accidents every day. Causes of accidents vary from simple driver error to poor road conditions. In many cases, police have a difficult time determining the exact cause of an accident. However, police say that one accident in Wisconsin was caused by drunk driving.

The accident happened one evening in February. Police reports indicate that a 46-year-old female driver lost control of her vehicle as she attempted to navigate a curve. As a result, she crossed onto the shoulder, where it is believed that she over-corrected, which sent the vehicle into a ditch. The vehicle rolled as a result of the accident.

According to reports, the woman was able to escape the vehicle, but her 61-year-old male passenger was unconscious and pinned inside. Once he was removed, he was transported to the hospital for treatment where he was listed in critical condition. Because police say they smelled alcohol on the woman’s breath and she had slurred speech, they conducted field sobriety tests. Although a blood test was also administered, the results are not currently available. However, she has since been charged with operating while under the influence.

The woman also suffered minor injuries in the accident, and it is possible that some of the symptoms she displayed were actually a result of her injuries rather than alcohol consumption. In order to obtain a conviction of the drunk driving charges against the woman, Wisconsin prosecutors will have to prove that she is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Failure to meet this purposefully high standard must result in a not guilty conviction.

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