Wisconsin troopers arrest La Crosse man for fifth OWI offense

Wisconsin troopers arrest La Crosse man for fifth OWI offense

While an arrest and conviction for OWI is certainly something that people should avoid, one offense isn’t something that one can’t typically learn from and move past without too much difficulty. It’s when one enters the realm of multiple OWI arrests that the penalties become stiffer and more difficult to deal with. Whereas a first OWI in Waukesha may result in a simple misdemeanor, multiple convictions can result in felony charges, difficulty in obtaining auto insurance coverage, revocation of one’s license, and/or an extended prison term.

A La Crosse man who’s already faced many of these penalties could be facing even more after he was recently arrested by state troopers in Waukesha again for operating while intoxicated. This most recent offense represents his fifth OWI arrest. Compounding his potential troubles is that his license had already been revoked and he was currently on probation from his fourth conviction.

As is often the case with repeat offenders, the charges that one faces often grow with each new offense. That leaves them facing not only charges related to the offense itself, but also those stemming from prior convictions. In this case, the man not only has to worry about a fifth OWI conviction, but also being charged with parole violation and other potential penalties due to his previous arrests.

While one’s chances at receiving an acceptable ruling from the court begin to be limited with each new charge, a criminal lawyer with experience in handling OWI cases may prove to be a helpful ally in representing one’s interests. Anyone in such a situation may wish to take advantage of such assistance.

Source: fox6now.com “La Crosse man arrested for 5th OWI near CTH C & I-94” Trisha Bee, Sep.18, 2013