Wisconsin traffic stop results in drug charges for man

Wisconsin traffic stop results in drug charges for man

The laws surrounding marijuana vary from state to state, especially now that some states have authorized the use of medicinal marijuana. Illegal use of the drug can result in prison time, hefty fines and a mark on one’s criminal record. Therefore, it is important to take any form of drug charges very seriously and ensure one’s rights are protected moving forward. This is something one man will likely want to keep in mind.

A man from another state was recently charged by Wisconsin authorities with a felony drug charge. The 23-year-old man was reportedly driving above the posted speed limit on U.S. Highway 53. Authorities proceeded to pull him over and initiate a traffic stop.

He ended up receiving a warning for speeding. The officer says that he then noticed a backpack in the vehicle and asked the driver if there was anything illegal in the vehicle, specifically mentioning firearms. The driver said no and reportedly authorized a search of the vehicle.

Authorities say a bag containing about a pound of marijuana was located in the truck. In the backpack, the officer says he found nearly $8,000 in cash. The driver apparently said that the marijuana was for personal use only. No drug paraphernalia of any kind was found inside the vehicle.

If he is convicted of the felony charge he now faces (possess with the intention of delivering), this man faces as many as six years in prison as well as a very large fine. This man’s criminal defense against the Wisconsin drug charges that he is facing will likely depend on a number of factors, and defense counsel will likely scrutinize the report of the traffic stop and the arrest process in order to identify issues to raise before the court presiding over the criminal proceedings. If the court determines that the search of the car was accomplished in violation of the accused man’s legal rights, the evidence seized may be ruled inadmissible at trial. Under those circumstances, the possession charge could not stand, and the criminal charges would likely be dismissed.

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