Wisconsin teen faces felony drug charges after outing with friends

Wisconsin teen faces felony drug charges after outing with friends

Teenagers in Wisconsin and across the nation are at a vulnerable time in their lives. Not only are they learning essential societal rules and norms, but they are constantly trying to earn the respect of their peers. All of this pressure can be particularly hard for teens, as the area of the brain responsible for making rational and responsible decisions is still in the process of forming. When paired with their environment, all of these things can contribute to some teens becoming involved in juvenile crimes.

One such teenager is now facing felony drug charges because of an incident involving marijuana and a stabbing. It all started when eight boys were said to be smoking pot outside of town on Thursday. After four sophomore boys were released from Port Washington High School for an early day, they picked up four other males and went to purchase the marijuana.

As they were using the drugs, one of the boys stabbed a friend of the accused teenager in the neck. The teen promptly called 911. It was then that officers found an open suboxone strip, along with a significant amount of cash and marijuana in the teenager’s car. Officers noted the possibility that the teen was a local drug-dealer within the community.

Officers suspect that poor parental supervision played a role in the crime. The suboxone strip, which belonged to the teenager’s mother, had come from his apartment. The teen said that his mother usually stays in Milwaukee.

Lack of a strong parental role model at home, can certainly change the way a child behaves. Teenagers who make bad decisions may not fully understand the consequences behind their actions. It may be helpful to partner with a criminal attorney who is experienced in handling juvenile cases. They may lend essential legal counsel to the teen and family during this hard time.

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