Wisconsin teacher may need to develop hard DUI defense

Wisconsin teacher may need to develop hard DUI defense

Teachers are supposed to be role models to their students. For that reason, individuals with this type of profession are under much more scrutiny from the public eye when they are accused of criminal activity. One may face personal and professional struggles from that day forward, but these struggles will only worsen if the person is convicted of the alleged criminal act. This likely holds true for one female teacher here in Wisconsin, who may want to start crafting a DUI defense.

A head-on collision took place on a recent Monday night. The driver of one of the vehicles was a 30-year-old female teacher. Reportedly, the teacher’s vehicle crossed over the median and into oncoming traffic, at which time it struck the vehicle being driven by a 21-year-old individual. Both vehicles sustained significant damage in the crash.

Both individuals were taken to a local hospital after being extracted from their damaged vehicles. They were then transported to another hospital after their injuries had been examined and determined to be extremely severe. Police say that they had reason to believe that the teacher was driving while intoxicated. She is now facing a felony charge.

It is not clear what type of record this Wisconsin teacher had before this alleged incident, but most teachers likely have clean records. Everyone can make mistakes, even teachers. It is for that reason that any person — regardless of their employment position — that is facing drunk driving accusations make sure that his or her rights are fully protected. It may also be necessary to mount a vigorous DUI defense to reduce or possibly even eliminate the charges in order to save his or her reputation and profession. 

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