Wisconsin pharmacist strikes a deal in prescription drug theft

Wisconsin pharmacist strikes a deal in prescription drug theft

While many Americans have addictions to prescription pain-killers, some may have easy access to these pills through their line of work. People who are able to obtain prescription medications without a prescription must realize that there are penalties associated when they are arrested and convicted of the intent to sell drugs.

After one of the largest prescription drug thefts in Wisconsin history, a convicted pharmacist was sentenced a 15-month term in a minimal-security prison, as ruled by the courts on December 19th, 2013. The man he helped turn in, however, is currently located in a medium-security prison serving at least two years. Some are surprised at the lenient sentencing of the pharmacist after the large amount of narcotics that he helped to divert onto the streets.

The Aurora pharmacist was investigated by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration in the fall of 2012, where it was found that he had illegally sold more than 155,000 prescription pills. Each month, more than 6,000 prescription painkillers, including hydrocodone, went missing from the pharmacy in northwest Milwaukee. This brought in more than $100,000 in additional annual income for the pharmacist. In addition to his 15 month jail sentence, the pharmacist had his professional license revoked and lost his job at the pharmacy.

Those who have been charged with drug crimes may find solace in partnering with an experienced criminal law attorney. They may also be able to reduce the severity of their charges by cooperating with law enforcement or even becoming an informant. An experienced attorney may be helpful in providing essential legal counsel and protecting the rights of the accused.

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