Wisconsin officers find large marijuana trafficking operation

Wisconsin officers find large marijuana trafficking operation

When people talk about transporting illegal drugs across the border, many think of purchasing illegal drugs in Mexico and then bringing them into the states. However, now it is much easier to transport illegal drugs across state borders. Colorado and Washington State have both legalized the sale and purchase of marijuana for non-medical use. These state laws have introduced a new drug trafficking problem in America.

In 2012, Colorado voted it legal for residents to purchase and use non-medical marijuana within the state. Since that time, other states that deem non-medical marijuana use illegal have discovered that it may be hard to keep the legalized marijuana within Colorado state boundaries. Two people were recently caught transporting marijuana from Colorado into Wisconsin. The two were carrying enough marijuana to net $88,000 if sold in small quantities on the street. Marshfield law enforcement seized 10 THC-infused chocolate bars and over 11 pounds of marijuana from two vehicles driven by the young offenders.

The 23-year old woman will spend 120 days in jail with work release and received 3-years’ probation. She pled guilty to one count of delivering marijuana and three counts of maintaining a drug trafficking place. All of the charges were felonies. The other driver, a 26-year-old man from Abbotsford, has a court date set later this month.

Being convicted of a drug charge can have a large impact on a person’s life. Not only does a drug related crime come with strict penalties in Wisconsin, but a criminal conviction will stay on the offender’s record for years to come. A knowledgeable criminal defense attorney may be able to provide essential legal counsel that will help in a drug case.

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