Wisconsin nurse charged with narcotic prescription theft

Wisconsin nurse charged with narcotic prescription theft

Wisconsin residents depend on healthcare professionals to provide quality services, including distributing essential prescription medications to patients who need them. There may be times, however, when medical professionals take advantage of their exclusive access to controlled prescription drugs. People who work with controlled narcotics at their place of employment may be more likely to steal, take or distribute the medication illegally.

A registered nurse was arrested after abusing her privilege to access controlled substances. In 2012, the woman received a fourth offense felony arrest for operating while intoxicated. Although she served 20 days of jail time for that offense, she now faces a 6-year prison sentence if convicted of her latest crime.

For seven months, Vernon County Sheriff’s Office has been monitoring the 44-year-old nurse, as she was suspected of taking controlled prescription medications from the nursing home where she worked. She is accused of stealing Fentanyl patches, which are a schedule II narcotic, as well as Vicodin tablets, a schedule III controlled substance.

The nurse agreed to illegal possession of prescription drugs and faces a class I felony charge. In addition to jail time, she will be required to pay a $10,000 fine.

A felony drug charge can change one’s life forever. If convicted, a person can expect to spend a substantial amount of time in prison and pay a considerable fine. Once their time is served, a criminal charge may continue to make it hard for them to find employment or get approved for a loan. An established criminal law attorney may be able to provide the legal advice necessary to organize a strong defense.

Source: Vernon County Broadcaster, “Nurse confesses to theft of drugs from nursing home,” Matt Johnson, Apr.21, 2014