Wisconsin man faces hard prison time for sexual assault

Wisconsin man faces hard prison time for sexual assault

Women who are assaulted sexually may be too intimidated and embarrassed to report the incident to police, and offenders may go free. There are also cases of sexual assault in Wisconsin where the woman is not even aware that she has been assaulted, and must be given proof after a night she doesn’t remember. In some situations, alcohol or drugs may be used to make a woman more compliant, and because of the effects of these substances, she may not remember what happened in the morning.

A Madison man has lost his job, been forced to give up his passport, and faces up to forty years in prison for charges against him stating that he sexually assaulted seven different women at different times. Many of the women were unaware they had been involved with the man until they were shown pictures that were taken during the act. 

Law enforcement officials feel they have enough evidence to create a good chance of the man being convicted after a tip was received from a teenager that claims she was assaulted and drugged by the man. After officials received this tip, the man’s house was searched, and photos and videos of the other victims were discovered.

 Although the photos and videos may seem like hard evidence that this man is guilty, it may be difficult for prosecutors to prove that the women did not know they were being filmed or captured on camera. Without this proof, prosecutors may be willing to offer the man a plea deal, and it may help him to discuss this option with his attorney in order to lessen his punishment.

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