Wisconsin man faces 5th drunk driving charge

Wisconsin man faces 5th drunk driving charge

Drunk driving is a serious accusation in Wisconsin. Due to the scope of the problem, the state prosecutes OWI charges to the fullest extent of the law, making a strong criminal defense important for those accused of drunk driving. This is particularly true when a person is facing a fifth OWI charge and, potentially, the fifth conviction. 

A man in Wisconsin has recently been arrested and accused of felony OWI. According to authorities, reports came in about a stalled vehicle on the interstate early one morning. When a deputy arrived at the location, he says that he observed signs that indicated that the 34-year-old man who was in the vehicle was impaired.

Allegedly, field sobriety tests were administered on the side of the road, and the suspect failed them. As a result, he was arrested for outstanding warrants, as well as a fifth-offense OWI, which is a felony. His blood was drawn upon his arrival at the jail, and the results of the blood alcohol test are still pending.

When an alleged drunk driver faces a felony OWI charge due to being a repeat drunk driving offender, he or she faces serious penalties under Wisconsin law should he or she be convicted. In fact, multiple OWI convictions can result in significant jail time, stiff fines, loss of driver’s license and other consequences. In addition, felony convictions can also damage a person’s reputation and prevent him or her from gaining employment in the future. Fortunately, no one is considered guilty until convicted in a court of law, meaning that it may be possible to avoid potential consequences with the help of a solid defense strategy.

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