Wisconsin driver will need DUI defense after being arrested twice

Wisconsin driver will need DUI defense after being arrested twice

Police reported a rather peculiar incident recently involving a 25-year-old man who had been pulled over in a traffic stop on a recent Saturday in Wisconsin. Some time later, the police came into contact with the same man. He will now need to prepare a DUI defense, and it is not the first time he has faced intoxicated driving charges, according to his police record.

The man was reportedly stopped by police because they had witnessed his vehicle veering across lanes into oncoming traffic. Police placed the man under arrest and held him in jail for several hours. According to reports, he was released from jail some time later. Police released him into the care of a driver who was sober.

Reports indicate that approximately 15 minutes had passed since the man had been set free from jail when police engaged him again. Officers stated that they found the man inside his vehicle, attempting to cook pizza on the heating vents of the dashboard. After testing him for alcohol, police said that the man did not pass the test; therefore, they placed him under arrest for the second time, issuing another DUI violation.

In order to prepare a DUI defense, Wisconsin residents who face similar charges can schedule a consultation with a criminal law attorney in order to seek advice about how best to present their cases in court. Traffic violations that involve drunk driving charges can result in serious consequences if a conviction is rendered. It would most likely be beneficial for a person charged with this crime to enlist the assistance of a legal professional when facing the charges against him or her.

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