Wisconsin county give grant to hire special prosecutors

Wisconsin county give grant to hire special prosecutors

In Wisconsin, it’s an unfortunate fact that domestic violence situations occur on a fairly regular basis. County prosecutors and law enforcement officials are often overloaded with domestic violence calls and cases, and these situations often have a unique dynamic between all parties involved. In a perfect world, people who love each other would never become violent, but the reality is that sometimes emotions run high and tempers get out of control. These crimes are most often committed against women, but men may easily be victims of domestic violence also.

For the next nine months to two years, several Wisconsin counties have been awarded a grant from the state attorney general’s office to hire special prosecutors to handle cases of domestic violence. Domestic violence advocates feel this is a great way to avoid re-victimizing people who have been abused, and that hiring special prosecutors goes a long way toward putting the focus on the victim.

According to one District Attorney, 20% of the entire county caseload is cases of domestic violence. The grant allows for prosecutors to develop experience in dealing with these unique situations and to better understand the dynamics and high emotions of these cases.

The addition of new prosecutors for these cases may make it even more important for any person accused of domestic violence to have a good defense in place. Because these situations are so volatile and many people judge before they know the facts, it may be beneficial for any person accused of domestic violence to consult with an attorney immediately.

Source: ABC, “Special prosecutors added to handle domestic violence cases,” Sarah Thomsen, August 19, 2013