WI superintendent arrested on domestic abuse charges is later released

WI superintendent arrested on domestic abuse charges is later released

Although there are two sides to every story, domestic violence cases are perceived a little differently by law enforcement in Wisconsin. According to Wisconsin law, a person who is suspected of committing a violent act against a family member or domestic partner must be arrested on the scene. In many cases, it can be hard to determine exactly what happened during a domestic violence dispute, as many stories end up conflicting one another.

One such man was arrested for involvement in an argument with his wife on a Saturday afternoon. A complaint made by the wife’s friend came in to the police department, alerting officials to the apparent situation. When officials arrived at the home, they arrested the man and charged him with misdemeanor disorderly conduct involving domestic abuse. The man’s wife argues that nothing happened, and the man claims to have never hit his wife.

The 60-year-old man has been the superintendent of the Three Lakes School District for over 25 years, and is in good standing with the community. The Oneida County District Attorney reports that the superintendent has no past criminal record. Prosecution expects a deferred agreement will be signed soon, which will require the man to attend anger management counseling.

A domestic violence charge can certainly be life-changing. Not only does is affected your career and family life, but it can devastate your reputation as well. People who have been involved with a false claim of domestic violence should contact a criminal defense attorney. A knowledgeable attorney may be able to help you create a strong defense case.

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