What types of abuse allegations are considered domestic violence?

What types of abuse allegations are considered domestic violence?

Domestic violence in Wisconsin basically boils down to four different types of abuse: physical, sexual, emotional and economic. Physical and sexual abuse are likely the most common forms of domestic violence that are alleged against individuals. Physical abuse refers to any type of physical behavior inflicted violently on another individual, such as hitting, biting and shoving, while sexual abuse refers to sexual behavior or contact that occurs with an individual who did not provide his or her consent.  

Emotional and economic abuse are two forms of domestic violence crimes that are not as widely known. This is because most people consider domestic violence to be physical or sexual, but it can come in many forms. Emotional abuse is when a person’s self-esteem or self-worth is attacked while economic abuse is when a victim is coerced into handing over control of his or her finances.

Individuals who have been accused of some form of domestic violence have a chance to beat the accusations. This is because some forms of domestic violence aren’t particularly easy to prove. This is especially true if there is no physical or other type of solid evidence that proves a violent act took place. Without prior incidents, witnesses or some type of indication that the accusations made against an individual are true, prosecutors will likely have a difficult time building a concrete case.

Although most would agree that those who commit domestic violence crimes should be held responsible, the innocent should not be held accountable for something that they did not do. Depending on the exact circumstances and facts of the case, there are numerous defenses that can be used. The important thing for Wisconsin individuals who are facing domestic violence charges to remember is that they may be able to obtain a positive outcome.

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