What Can You Learn From “Making a Murderer?”

What Can You Learn From “Making a Murderer?”

Because of the new documentary “Making a Murderer,” Wisconsin currently sits in the national legal spotlight. Other than making for high-ratings, though, can this documentary offer any concrete lessons for the average Wisconsinite?

One of the key points of the documentary involves the legal representation had by the defendant in this case. The family finally removes the first defense lawyer because they feel that the lawyer is not fighting for his client.

Why do the feelings of the family matter?

Fighting criminal charges of any sort is hard. It demands not just legal knowledge, but personal resourcefulness, including time and energy.

When you are feeling exhausted and discouraged, you need to remember that those feelings are not unusual for someone who has been forced to defend themselves against criminal charges. The criminal defense attorney you hire should be helping you cope with those feelings and work your way through them.

For that reason, it is extremely important you work with an attorney who can do that for you. Defending your rights is exhausting enough without having an attorney to help you deal with the entire process. If you are also fighting your own attorney, then you need to find someone you can indeed work with before it’s too late.