Waukesha sports coach charged with possession of heroin

Waukesha sports coach charged with possession of heroin

Most people are aware of the dangers of taking illegal drugs. However, when people are involved in a stressful situation, they may turn toward drugs as a way to calm their anxiety. Stressful occupations, life situations and other experiences may all be contributing factors in a person’s choice to engage in the risky behavior. This split second decision may result in long term consequences that the user was not anticipating. Such a situation occurred involving a Waukesha man, and ultimately cost him his job and reputation.

A former youth soccer coach is facing a prison sentence of up to 3 and ½ years if convicted on charges of felony heroin possession. The 37-year-old man had been sober for 5 years despite abusing alcohol and drugs in the past. The man claimed that stress in his life drove him to try heroin for the first time.

The mother of the soccer coach’s child found him lying next to his child after he had overdosed on heroin. Police officials were able to save the man by giving him a dose of Narcan, which is typically used in heroin overdose cases.

The charges have cost the Waukesha man his position as a notable youth soccer coach, instructing players under the age of 13-years-old. It also cost the former Milwaukee Wave player his prominent reputation in the community.

The decision to take illegal drugs is one that can have a dramatic effect a person’s life. People who are caught in possession of the harmful substance may face certain criminal charges if caught. After serving their time, they may have trouble finding employment, applying for professional licenses, and obtaining a driver’s license. A knowledgeable criminal defense attorney may provide vital legal advice to people facing drug charges.

Source: Fox 6 Now, “Former youth soccer coach arrested, accused of having heroin,” Brandon Cruz, May 20, 2014.