Waukesha police increase DUI enforcement this month

Waukesha police increase DUI enforcement this month

Later this month, all Wisconsin residents will find themselves to be a bit more Irish than usual as they celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Like many other occasions throughout the year, this holiday is usually celebrated with friends and fair amount of alcohol.

And just like in previous years, police will be stepping up DUI and OWI enforcement efforts. According to a recent news report, the Waukesha Police Department is conducting an increased traffic safety enforcement campaign which started on Monday and runs through March 21.

The campaign is focused both on enforcement of DUI laws and seatbelt laws. To bolster its efforts, the Waukesha PD received $70,000 in grant money from the WisDOT Bureau of Transportation Safety.

In a recent news release, a law enforcement official noted: “During the St. Patrick’s Day mobilization and throughout the year, we are striving to prevent motorists from killing and injuring themselves and others on our roadways. Although we’re trying to increase voluntarily compliance with traffic laws – not to write more tickets or make more arrests – we will take enforcement action if voluntary compliance fails.”

Although St. Patrick’s Day is still a couple weeks away, it is a good idea to make preparations early if you are planning to celebrate by drinking at your favorite bar. While not much has been announced yet, there are usually free alternative transportation options available.

With increased DUI enforcement surrounding this and other holidays, it is risky to be out on the roads even if you think you are below the legal blood-alcohol limit.

Source: Patch.com, “Police Department Increasing OWI, Seat Belt Enforcement,” Mar. 6, 2012