Waukesha Criminal Defense Attorney Craig M. Kuhary has been Named a 2020 Super Lawyer

Waukesha Criminal Defense Attorney Craig M. Kuhary has been Named a 2020 Super Lawyer

Why is being named a Super Lawyer considered such an honor?

Super Lawyers selection process is notably accurate and poses as the most reliable third-party source for consumers to identify top lawyers in their state. The accuracy of the selection process is demonstrated by the 2013 patent it received by The United States Patent and Trademark office. Aside from being reliable, the process is notably intense, filtering through all existing lawyers until only the most accomplished are placed on the final Super Lawyers list. Only five percent of attorneys in each state land on the final published list.

What steps are included during this patented selection process?

Super Lawyers selection process consists of numerous phases and is ruled by an intricate point system. After all phases of the selection process are complete, the final lawyers with the most accumulated points will be placed on the list.

The first step is creation of the candidate pool. The pool of candidates is formed through nominations from attorneys or other individuals such as marketing directors. Candidates may also be added to the pool by the Super Lawyers research staff, completely comprised of attorneys.

The candidates’ professional achievements are then further analyzed. Achievement factors taken into consideration include special certifications, verdict settlements and honors or awards. At this point, the candidates with the most points are told to rate other attorneys in their practice area.

The remaining candidates are put into categories according to the size of their firm. The attorneys with the most points in their firm-size category are officially placed on the annual Super Lawyers list.

Craig Kuhary recognized through Super Lawyers intense selection process

Craig Kuhary has been recognized through this intricate selection process, demonstrating he is a leader in criminal defense litigation. With 30 years of experience, he is motivated to fight for clients’ rights with the strong belief that the rights of all depend on the rights of one. When one faces a criminal charge or multiple charges, their livelihood is put on the line. Choosing an attorney recognized for consistently obtaining favorable outcomes is paramount when so much is at stake.