Waukesha County judge charges two in friend’s fatal drug overdose

Waukesha County judge charges two in friend’s fatal drug overdose

In March, we wrote that a Wisconsin woman faced criminal charges for supplying the heroin that caused a friend’s accidental overdose. Even though drug use is a personal choice, those who supply illegal drugs or illegal prescription drugs to someone who overdoses can face serious consequences.

A man and woman stand trial in Waukesha County this year on charges of first-degree reckless homicide/deliver drugs. They allegedly supplied the OxyContin which killed their 22-year-old friend after a night of mutual drinking and drug use.

According to police records, the three friends were celebrating the man’s 30th birthday in August of 2010. They started the evening at a friend’s house where they consumed alcohol and Red Bull. The victim allegedly snorted some Xanax at this time.

Two hours later, the party moved to a Milwaukee bar where they continued to consume alcohol. Both the man and the 22-year-old girl were said to be extremely drunk by 2:30 am, when they finally went back to his house.

According to the 26-year-old co-defendant, the three friends then smoked marijuana and snorted the crushed-up OxyContin pills. The man had allegedly bought the pills at the request of the co-defendant.

The victim fell asleep at approximately 5 am. At noon, her friends took her to the hospital after they discovered that her face was cold and her lips were blue.

Both defendants now face charges of reckless homicide. The man faces several additional charges relating to drug possession and maintaining a drug trafficking place.

Drug use is an individual choice, and all three friends made that choice for themselves. Unfortunately, one of them accidentally died as a result. As we wrote in March, this is a clear example of how police crack down on drug use in any way they can.

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