Unlikely culprit arrested by DEA for growing marijuana

Unlikely culprit arrested by DEA for growing marijuana

When a person is arrested and faces drug charges in Wisconsin, they may be charged differently based on whether or not they were growing the drugs, selling the drugs, or planned to distribute the drugs to drug dealers. Operating a vehicle while under the influence of drugs may have even more serious charges, especially if another person is injured or killed during an accident. If a person is caught growing drugs, the may be charged by federal agencies, no matter what they appear to be.

After two people were arrested for running drugs, they suggested to law enforcement officials that they should keep an eye on a divorced mother of two young girls. In the process of watching the woman, officials came to believe that she was growing marijuana out of a warehouse, and the DEA arrested her for being the brains behind a large drug growth operation.

More than 3,000 marijuana plants were found within the warehouse, and the woman faces a minimum sentence of ten years in prison. According to the woman’s neighbors, she has never been in trouble and they were shocked by the arrest, which brings serious charges from the DEA.

Because the woman does not have a previous history with the law, an attorney may be able to plead her case for her first drug offense. If a person is arrested for the first time, prosecutors may be more willing to work with them, rather than if they have a previous history of offenses, and an attorney may be able to help the negotiation process between the person arrested and prosecutors.

Source: Wisconsin Public Radio News, “DEA arrests Scarsdale mom in the massive pot-growing scheme, ” Bill Chappell, June 5, 2013