Underage drinkers face stiffer penalties under new Wisconsin bill

Underage drinkers face stiffer penalties under new Wisconsin bill

While many teens in Waukesha may feel that drinking under the legal age is no big deal, the truth is that there are serious legal consequences to underage drinking. The underlying reason for such penalties for these juvenile crimes is often to deter teens from becoming impaired and then making poor decisions, such as driving or engaging in acts of violence. With the strong influences teens face from peer pressure, they may be more prone to engage in reckless behavior while under the influence. While the fear of being ostracized by their peers might also make teens believe they need to drink, it should be remembered that they invite potential trouble with the law if they do.

A recent bill being discussed in Wisconsin would serve to further define the penalties associated with underage drinking. Referred to as the “Brown Jug bill,” it would not only impose an additional fine on teens arrested for underage drinking, but also allow the bars and clubs fined for selling alcohol to teens to sue those teens to recover the costs for those fines.

With these potential penalties on the horizon, teens should know what they could potentially be costing themselves and their families if they choose to drink. This knowledge would at the very least make them to be more aware of the consequences of their actions.

Whatever penalties may be out there, it is impossible to completely deter teens from drinking. Parents with teens who may be facing such a charge may wish to consider working with a criminal defense attorney to help them and their teens work through the legal process.

Source: KSTP.com “Wis. Bill Would Subject Underage Drinkers to Stiff Fine” Cassie Hart, Sep. 15, 2013