Two Taylor County teens arrested after confrontation with police

Two Taylor County teens arrested after confrontation with police

The teenage years can be a tumultuous time as kids are first discovering how grave the consequences of their actions may be. While they are maturing and beginning to view themselves as adults, teens often still don’t have the sense of accountability that the experience of adulthood teaches. Teens also can be more subject to the influence of peer pressure, which could possibly motivate them to act against their better judgment in an effort to please their peers.

Unfortunately, when teens are involved in crime, authorities are placed in the position of having to often enforce adult penalties on them based on the severity of the crimes which they are accused of. Penalties for juvenile crimes can range anywhere from counseling and probation to extended prison sentences.

Taylor County authorities are currently faced with having to deal with the criminal activities of a pair of teenage boys that were recently arrested for stealing cars. Compounding the charges they’re facing is the fact that guns were involved, which the teens used to shoot at police as they attempted to evade capture. Ultimately, the two were arrested without anyone being injured.

When considering the punitive actions for juvenile crimes, authorities may try to do what they can to ensure that the suspects will still have chance for a future that hopefully doesn’t involve the criminal justice system. More serious crimes could limit whatever chances the court has at showing leniency. A criminal defense attorney with experience in handling juvenile offenses may be able to help one to better handle any charges that his or her teen may be facing.

Source: WGBA-TV “Green Bay PD arrest two teens on the run” Deandra Corinthios, August 29, 2013