Teen will likely need strong DUI defense after police chase

Teen will likely need strong DUI defense after police chase

Everyone knows that it is illegal for individuals under the age of 21 to drink alcohol. Even for those who are old enough to drink, it is still illegal to drink and then get behind the wheel of a vehicle. Unfortunately, this still occurs and, when one is caught operating while intoxicated (OWI), a vigorous DUI defense is often needed to combat the charge. However, adults who are drinking and driving are not the only concern that Wisconsin has, as teenagers appear to be doing it as well. When caught, those teenagers could also face serious legal consequences. 

A teenage girl in Wisconsin allegedly led authorities on a high-speed chase through Brown County. Authorities say that the vehicle reached speeds of up to 60 mph. When she was finally stopped, authorities say that they determined that she had been drinking. Supposedly, her blood alcohol content (BAC) was nearly four times the legal adult limit.

During the chase, the girl allegedly almost struck a squad car. She also swerved directly into oncoming traffic and even demolished a mailbox. She was eventually arrested and charged with fleeing a police officer and OWI. It is unclear at this time whether she will be charged as a juvenile or as an adult, and such a determination will be crucial to the girl’s future. 

This Wisconsin teen has the same rights as everyone else. These rights include being considered innocent until — and only if — proved guilty in a court of law and the right to a DUI defense. Those in similar situations may find that it is in their best interest to understand the potential consequences of the drunk driving charges they face. 

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