Teen escaped from juvenile facility involved in fatal crash

Teen escaped from juvenile facility involved in fatal crash

Juveniles that are accused of crimes are protected under laws in most states because they may not be able to understand the consequences of their actions. Those who have repeated arrests for juvenile crimes may be placed in a facility to either protect them or serve their time for the crime committed. When a juvenile is involved in a crime in Wisconsin, the details are often kept private in order to protect the privacy of the person who is considered underage.

A teenager allegedly admitted to law enforcement officials that he had been drinking before getting behind the wheel of an SUV and hitting a van on a highway. Five people were killed after being thrown from the van during the accident, and authorities have now learned that the youth escaped from a juvenile detention facility earlier in the month.

The young man had not been reported missing by the facility he had escaped from, and was believed to be a fugitive. Officials are concerned about the fact that there was no record of the teenager escaping or the search for the young man after his escape.

With a past history of delinquency and the fact that the driver had allegedly escaped from a detention facility, the case against the young man may seem clear. However, it is important to remember that it will be left up to a judge and jury to decide whether the evidence points to guilt. Anyone accused of committing a crime may benefit from consulting an attorney for advice.

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