Teen caught distributing ADD medication during school hours

Teen caught distributing ADD medication during school hours

Many teenagers in Wisconsin and across the country are often placed in adult situations, forcing them to make important decisions. Most of these impressionable young adults are unaware of the impact that these decisions may have on their future. Poor decision-making skills can lead to a variety of problems, including criminal activity. Teenagers who are looking to take or distribute drugs may find prescription drugs readily available in their parent’s medicine cabinet.

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a medical condition that affects teens and adults alike. Often times, the condition is treated with a prescription narcotic stimulant, which helps the affected individual concentrate and stay on task. If the medication is taken when it’s not needed, however, it can cause severe blood pressure issues and even death.

A 14-year-old student that had access to the ADHD medication Adderall is under investigation for handing out a pill while at school. The school resource officer was alerted to the matter by a student after the teen was seen giving out the amphetamine tablet during school hours.

Now, the Mansfield High School student may face charges of illegal possession of prescription drugs, as well as charges of prescription drug distribution. The incident is currently being looked into by police.

When teenagers make the choice to engage in criminal drug activity, they must face the serious consequences that it brings. A conviction may make it hard for the teen to find employment, obtain a driver’s license or qualify for student loans. It may be helpful to seek reliable legal counsel from a criminal defense lawyer when formulating a defense case.

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