Teacher charged for sexual activity with 18-year-old student

Teacher charged for sexual activity with 18-year-old student

Life is a roller coaster of high-points and low-points. While some people are able to manage these fluctuations rather seamlessly, others have a more difficult time and tend to act out in criminal ways. Hard times can result in poor decision making abilities for many Wisconsin residents. Along with being persuaded to make choices that they may not have made otherwise, people might put themselves in awkward situations. This can lead to a variety of complications, including sex crimes.

A poor choice made by a Pennsylvania teacher leaves her facing up to 7-years in prison if convicted of a sex crime. An 18-year-old student of the high school English teacher admitted to having a relationship with the woman. He had several sexual encounters with the now, former-teacher. Not only did police find her number recorded in his phone, but he had taken naked pictures of the two of them together as well.

On March 10th, the pictures and messages were found on the teenage boy’s phone by another student. Administrators and law enforcement were soon involved in the case. Although the boy was of legal age, the teacher is still being charged for sexual misconduct as she abused her trusted position as an educator.

Being charged with a sexual offense can result in a damaged reputation, substantial fines and prison time. Many people facing trial for various sex crimes may find it beneficial to have legal counsel. A criminal defense attorney who is experienced in sexual crime cases may be able to provide valuable information for your case.

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