Sheboygan police officers in hot water after OWI arrests

Sheboygan police officers in hot water after OWI arrests

Dealing with the consequences of an OWI arrest in Waukesha can difficult enough on one’s own; when one’s job and/or community standing is such that an impropriety like this is newsworthy, that extra exposure placed on one’s predicament can be especially difficult to cope with. Yet one typically can’t control the spread of news, and in such a situation, one’s concerns should instead center on the potential criminal penalties that he or she could be facing.

Two Sheboygan police officers currently find themselves in such a predicament. One reportedly crashed his car into the other’s while he was stopped at an intersection. Blood alcohol screenings showed that both were over the legal limit at the time of the accident. Now, even though the two were off duty and driving their own personal vehicles, they are the subject of an internal investigation after both were arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated.

While no one expects those who hold positions which typically garner the public’s trust to be perfect, that doesn’t stop many from feeling a general sense of disappointment over the one’s decision to allegedly behave recklessly. Oftentimes, those facing criminal charges in these situations find earning that trust back and restoring their reputations to be even more difficult than dealing with the criminal consequences of their actions.

Yet those in these situations still should be able to expect fair treatment in the hearing of their cases. In order to help ensure such fairness, and to better their chances of earning a favorable outcome, they may wish to retain the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Source: Minneapolis Star Tribune “2 off-duty Sheboygan police officers arrested on suspicion of OWI” Dec. 06, 2013