Routine search turns up illegal drugs in Wisconsin tavern

Routine search turns up illegal drugs in Wisconsin tavern

When it is discovered that a person has illegal drugs in his or her possession in Wisconsin, law enforcement officials may then conduct a more thorough search to determine if any other illegal substances are on the premises. Drug possession and distribution of drugs charges may carry serious penalties for those who are arrested and charged. The seriousness of the charges may also vary based on the total amount of drugs that were in the possession of the person charged.

Law enforcement officials discovered several illegal guns and controlled substances after conducting a thorough investigation of a local tavern. The original inspection was routine, and a small amount of marijuana was found in the freezer of the tavern, prompting the officials to obtain a search warrant to search the rest of the building.

The tavern owner appeared in court to face his charges, and according to police reports, claimed the drugs were used for medicinal purposes, and that he had purchased a large amount the night before. He also claimed he did not sell the drugs, but was willing to share if someone asked.

The officials searching the bar were checking for the correct licensing and tax information for businesses in the area. While this particular man is facing these charges, his business has been frozen, and he may be losing money quickly. With the evidence against him, he may benefit from seeking a plea deal with prosecutors. Any person facing drug charges may benefit from speaking to an attorney to discuss the situation and the evidence against them, in order to determine the best course of action.

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