Repeated sexual assaults send Wisconsin man to prison

Repeated sexual assaults send Wisconsin man to prison

Going camping with friends is one of the favorite pastimes of many Wisconsin residents. For teenagers and young adults, it’s a chance to relax and enjoy the freedom of being out in the open and sleeping under the stars. Unfortunately, when alcohol is involved, people may do things they wouldn’t normally do, and others may take advantage of someone that isn’t sober. One Wisconsin man recently learned the hard way that he would still be held accountable for actions he committed on others who were under the influence of alcohol.

After a campground owner was charged with sexually assault of a child, it came to the attention of law enforcement officials that he may have committed similar crimes in the past. Over a period of six years, he was accused of sexually assaulting three boys on a campground he owned. The boys claim he gave them gifts and alcohol before abusing them in several locations.

These charges resulted in a ten year prison sentence for the man. He had also formerly spent five years on probation for a sexual assault of two other men several years after the first incident. The older incident was discovered after the later charges were settled.

The man may have pled no contest to the charges in an effort to save prosecutors valuable time and money and with the hopes of getting a lighter sentence. Along with the sexual assault charges, he is also accused of giving alcohol to two of his victims in the campground assault. 

Source: The Shawano Leader, “Man gets 10 years for sex assaults,” 7/26/2013