Prison time for teacher accused of having sex with student

Prison time for teacher accused of having sex with student

High school is often thought of as a time for hanging with friends, making decisions about the future and getting an education that prepares a person for the real world. Unfortunately, it may also be a time when young men and young women are susceptible to new sexual feelings and urges that are difficult to control. Teachers and their position of authority may present a unique temptation to a young teenager who is feeling these feelings, and a sexual interaction between a teacher and a student may fall under the heading of sex crimes.

After a young boy’s parents were tipped off to his relationship with his teacher from his out of control phone bill, his father discovered that he was having a sexual relationship with his former teacher for months. Although the teacher resigned from her position before anything sexual happened, she was recently sentenced to up to 23 months in prison for her interactions with him.

The former teacher is also being asked to serve three years of probation and register as a sex offender, a step that prosecutors feel will protect children in the future by stopping her from working around them at all.

The relationship continued after the teacher quit her job through text messages and phone calls and eventually led to the sexual interaction of which the woman is accused. Although the case may seem like a classic case of teacher taking advantage of student, there may be more to the woman’s story than was presented and the young man was never physically forced into contact with the teacher.

Source: Huffington Post, “Nicole Jacques, ex-Baptist school teacher, sentenced to 23 months for sex with 15-year-old-student,” Andres Jauregui, August 19, 2013