Occupational Licenses

Occupational Licenses

If you’ve had your driver’s license suspended as a result of an OWI/DWI/DUI conviction, you can apply for an occupational license to drive to and from work or school.

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There Are Restrictions For Repeat Offenders

If this is your first DUI, you can apply for an occupational license after your conviction. For eligible repeat offenders, you may have to install an ignition interlock device (IID) and wait 90 days before applying for an occupational license. However, if you’ve ever been convicted for two DUIs within five years of each other at any point in your lifetime, you are not eligible for an occupational license by federal law. If you are eligible, there are a number of things that must be taken into consideration, including convincing the court you are prepared to drive responsibly. Here, alcohol counseling and DUI school are required, as well as the possible installation of an IID.

Applying For An Occupational License

For first time OWI offenders, in order to apply for an occupational license, you must submit to an administrative review through the Department of Motor Vehicles. This is a time-sensitive process and should be requested as soon as possible through your lawyer. You have 10 days from the time of your arrest to request an administrative hearing if a breathalyzer was used in your arrest; if a blood test was used, you have 13 days. If you fail to request a hearing, your license will automatically be suspended for six months, 30 days after your arrest.

Installation Of The Ignition Interlock Device

An ignition interlock device is similar to a breathalyzer in that it measures blood alcohol content (BAC) by measuring samples of breath blown into it. The IID attaches to your car, requiring you to blow into it before your car will start. If your breath measures a BAC in excess of .02, your car will not start. You will also be required to periodically blow into the IID as you drive. If at any time your BAC measures in excess of .02, your car alarm will begin to sound. The IID records test results, as well as when a car is used. A driver using an IID is required to check in every 60 days. Any violations are reported to the sheriff’s department and may result in additional penalties and the loss of your occupational license.
Additionally, those eligible for an occupational license must pay for the installation and upkeep of an IID. To date, the annual cost of the IID is roughly $1,000.

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