Do You Have A Court Date?

Proper Preparation For Your Court Date

If you have an upcoming court date, you will probably feel overwhelmed by the amount of paperwork. Rest assured, though, that I have structured my legal practice at the law firm of Walden, Neitzke & Kuhary, S.C., so you will get the personalized attention you want in this respect.

I, Craig Kuhary, use 30 years of experience resolving DUI charges to help you. Clients routinely approach me for assistance when they have a court date for their DUI. If you have a court date, my office can help you. You will have access to me at any time throughout your case; contact me today.

Let Me Explain How DUI Law Applies In Your Situation

With my office, you will know that you relied on the seasoned legal judgment found in my firm’s comprehensive DUI defense practice. My office will go through the forms with you and explain what they mean and how to handle them.

I routinely prepare my clients for court dates, so I know the hidden pitfalls involved in appearing in court for a DUI. These pitfalls can include quick deadlines that involve mere days and cost you dearly.

But I do more as an attorney than just send you to your court date with the appropriate paperwork filled out. I help you identify any problems with the charges you face, in the process giving you more legal options than you thought you had. These options can include having the case dismissed outright or having the charges lessened.

You will then be able to attend your court date confidently, knowing that you have drawn on my 30 years of legal experience as a lawyer. You will also know that you have benefited from my commitment to the cause of protecting our rights as citizens to be treated fairly by the state.

Prepare For Your Court Date With A Call Or Click

Avoid legal missteps and setbacks by working with an experienced lawyer. I have more than two decades of experience helping people like you. You can make an appointment with me, for a free consultation by calling my Waukesha office at 262-239-7631. You can also make your appointment by contacting me online.

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