Marijuana Possession

Don’t Let a Marijuana Charge Ruin Your Future

Unlike many other states, marijuana remains illegal in Wisconsin. A marijuana charge entails hefty fines and penalties. However, you have options. If you face a marijuana charge in Wisconsin, you will need to get sound legal counsel from a knowledgeable attorney.

A conviction to even misdemeanor marijuana possession can have much broader consequences than most realize. I am criminal defense lawyer Craig Kuhary and for more than three decades I have helped people just like you across southeastern Wisconsin protect their futures. Because no two cases are identical, I provide customized resolutions on a case-by-case basis.

Don’t Take a Plea; You Have Options

A criminal charge such as marijuana possession or intent to sell can carry stiff penalties. It does not mean that no defenses exist, but it often takes years of experience to recognize how to build a strong defense. Several of the potential questions that could affect your defense include:

  • Did law enforcement officers have probable cause to conduct a search in the first place?
  • Was the amount of marijuana calculated correctly?
  • Were you in control of the place/could you even access the place where the drugs were found?

When you face a marijuana charge, there is no time to delay. The prosecution immediately goes into action building a case against you. You need an advocate in your corner who knows the law and can defend your rights.

Safeguard Your Rights With a Solid Defense

Minimize the consequences by scheduling your free consultation. For three decades, I have provided effective legal counsel to clients, like you, who face drug crime allegations.

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