Heroin And Opiate Charges

Were You Charged With an Opiate Drug Crime?

There is a stigma attached to charges involving heroin and opiates. The court can be sympathetic in some cases and harsher in others. Discuss the details of your case and your best options for a desirable resolution with me. As an experienced criminal defense attorney, I, Craig Kuhary, have dedicated my career to protecting the freedom and rights of clients for more than 30 years.

When people in Waukesha face criminal charges, they rely on me to effectively defend them. I handle each of my cases individually, which means I use a customized approach to identifying options and possible outcomes.

Explore Your Options With a Seasoned Defense Lawyer

Whether you were allegedly in possession of heroin or a prescription drug — such as morphine, oxycontin or codeine — you can face a serious criminal allegation. Due to an increase in opiate abuse and overdose, suspected drug dealers are facing jail time and high fines.

A conviction for an opiate or heroin charge can range from three and a half years in prison and fines up to $10,000. Depending on the details of your unique case, you may have options available to minimize the consequences. Contact me today for the experienced legal advice you need when facing serious allegations.

Dedicated Criminal Defense in Wisconsin

No matter the details, heroin or opiate charges have become a focus of prosecutors across the state. Protect your rights with my help. For three decades, I have defended the rights of people like you. When life gets legal, I can help you find a solution that lets you move forward with your life.

When you consult me, you can rely on effective legal guidance. Call my Waukesha office today at 262-239-7631. You can also contact me online by completing this form.

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