Drug Delivery

Were You Accused of a Trafficking Offense?

Police try to entrap people and prosecutors try to overcharge people. This is often evident in cases where a person is charged with the illegal sale of drugs.

Maybe you had a couple of ounces of pot in your possession for your own use, or you had a dozen tabs of ecstasy to bring to a party, or half an ounce of cocaine in your car — now the prosecutor is charging you as if you are a big-time dealer.

Conviction for any drug-related crime has very serious effects. If you are a student, you could lose eligibility for financial aid. You could even be expelled from your high school or college. If you are a professional, you could lose your professional license.

You need a strong, experienced defense, and you need it immediately. Quick action can sometimes result in charges being dropped or reduced.

An Effective Defense from an Experienced Drug Crimes Attorney

I’m Waukesha and Milwaukee drug delivery lawyer Craig Kuhary. I have extensive experience defending people accused of selling illegal and legal narcotics, from a few ounces of marijuana to crack cocaine.

I have represented hundreds of people facing drug charges in southeastern Wisconsin, including Milwaukee, Waukesha, Jefferson, Walworth, Washington, Ozaukee and Racine counties. I can help you. Contact my Waukesha criminal defense firm, Walden, Neitzke & Kuhary, S.C.

Defense Against All Drug Charges

Whether you’ve been charged with intent to sell marijuana or sale of a pound of cocaine, I can build a strong and effective defense. I’ve defended adults and juveniles against charges of:

  • Drug delivery of illegal narcotics: marijuana, ecstasy, cocaine, methamphetamines
  • Conspiracy to deliver drugs
  • Illegal sale of a prescription drug: Oxycodone, Oxycontin, Xanax, Hydrocodone, Vicodin, Codeine

Minimizing the Damage of a Drug Charge

My goal is to minimize the damage of a drug charge or conviction so you can move forward with your life. I’ll look for every advantage to negotiate a reduced charge or dismissal of charges. Was this only your first or second time? No past criminal record or history of abuse? We may be able to negotiate a misdemeanor, with no jail time.

If you do have a history, we’ll examine whether there are other actions you can take to get a favorable outcome. A jury trial can be risky; cooperation may be your best option, but I’m also prepared to fight it out in court if that is in your best interest.

Contact Wisconsin Drug Charges Lawyer Craig Kuhary

Drug delivery charges carry serious penalties. If you’ve been charged with the sale of marijuana or some other illegal drug, you should contact an experienced Waukesha intent to sell lawyer as soon as possible. For a free, confidential consultation to discuss your legal options, contact me at Walden, Neitzke & Kuhary, S.C.

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