Can I Still Get Financial Aid?

Can I Still Get Financial Aid?

If you are convicted for a drug offense that occurred while you are receiving financial aid, you will lose your eligibility for financial aid for a limited period of time. For that reason, it is of extraordinary importance that you receive aggressive representation from a lawyer to maximize your rights in this situation.

You can depend on me to provide you with that representation. Not only do I have 30 years of experience as an attorney defending clients’ rights against the state, in even some of the most difficult criminal matters, I also maintain an entire practice area vigorously committed to protecting the rights of clients facing drug charges. As a result, I understand how to challenge the evidence against you in an effort to gain a dismissal of your case or to better position you in bargaining with a prosecutor for lesser charges.

Let Me Help You Understand and Protect Your Rights

I offer a uniquely personalized style of representation. In helping you understand your rights in this situation, I will also help you understand how the laws concerning financial aid eligibility affect you.

You do not lose your ability to receive financial aid forever, and I can explain those rules to you. In many cases, I can help you understand how your drug conviction will not affect your eligibility for financial aid, particularly if you are convicted for an offense that did not occur while you were receiving financial aid. This time period can even include spring breaks.

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