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Aggressive Criminal Defense for Wisconsin Drug Crime Allegations

Never plead guilty to a drug charge without first seeking a lawyer’s advice, especially if you are a high school or college student. If you are convicted of a drug charge (which you are if you plead guilty), you become ineligible for federal financial aid for college.
Not a college student? There are still very serious repercussions from any drug crime conviction. If you are charged with a felony drug crime in Wisconsin, you could lose your house or car to forfeiture if the prosecutor makes a case that either was used in the manufacture or delivery of drugs. In addition to representing you on your drug charge, I will represent you in any forfeiture proceedings related to the drug charge.

I’m Waukesha and Milwaukee drug crimes defense attorney Craig Kuhary. As soon as you contact my Waukesha criminal defense firm, I will immediately begin working on your behalf, gathering and reviewing police reports and obtaining a pretrial offer from the prosecutor. I will get you into a treatment program as soon as possible to minimize your exposure to penalties such as fines and jail time. Sometimes with proof of successful treatment, I can get a drug charge reduced to an ordinance violation, which is similar to a traffic ticket.

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I defend people charged with committing the following kinds of drug offenses:

Defending Wisconsin College Students Facing Drug Charges

I represent juveniles and young adults facing criminal charges for marijuana possession, underage consumption of alcohol, illegal possession of a prescription drug or other drug crimes. My clients include students from Carroll College, UW-Waukesha, UW-Milwaukee, Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC) and Waukesha County Technical College (WCTC).

No one wants to ruin a young person’s life, even prosecutors. The courts look at a number of factors when deciding what charges to file and whether to reduce or drop the charges. While the amount of drugs in your possession and a prior history of criminal charges work against you, cooperation, drug treatment and concrete plans for the future are all mitigating factors we can use to seek reduced charges.

Do Not Delay in Calling Drug Possession Lawyer Craig Kuhary

Drug possession, drug trafficking and intent to distribute drugs are serious charges. You should contact an experienced Waukesha drug possession lawyer as soon as possible to protect your rights. For a free, confidential consultation to discuss your legal options, contact me at Walden, Neitzke & Kuhary, S.C.

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