Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence and Domestic Battery

Domestic violence can occur between spouses, people who are living together (boyfriends and girlfriends), brothers and sisters, even children and parents. Most people think there has to be significant physical harm in order for “domestic abuse” to have occurred, but it could be as minor as having a loud fight in your home that the neighbors hear and call the cops.

Another misconception many people have is that if the person who complained of abuse drops the charges or refuses to testify in court, the criminal charge goes away. That is not the case. Once a person is arrested, he or she can be charged with domestic violence, battery or disorderly conduct, tried and convicted even without the involvement of the alleged victim.

Consequences of a Domestic Battery Conviction

A domestic violence charge is a serious matter. A conviction for domestic violence or spousal abuse can lead not only to jail time, but also to terms of release and probation you may have not considered. If you are convicted of domestic abuse (even if it was only a disorderly conduct charge and no actual violence occurred), the consequences could be:

  • You will be prohibited from possessing a firearm for the rest of your life. Clearly this could be a significant problem if you work in law enforcement or serve in the military. You would lose your right to hunt with a firearm.
  • You have a “no contact” order against you, preventing you from being within a specified number of feet of the alleged victim or contacting that person by phone, online or by message.
  • You could face other conditions, such as avoidance of alcohol.

If you have been accused of domestic violence, you need an experienced defense attorney to represent you as soon as possible.

How An Experienced Defense Attorney Can Help

There are a number of things a skilled and experienced criminal defense lawyer can do for you, beginning on the day you are charged. I may be able to negotiate for no charges to be filed against you.

Even if you are guilty, I can work toward minimizing your exposure to penalties such as firearms restrictions and jail time. There are many diversion programs that can help people, especially in the area of family violence. With proof of successful completion of a counseling and treatment program before your case comes to trial, I may be able to get the charges reduced or dismissed. I will get you into a treatment program as soon as possible.

Talk to Waukesha Domestic Assault Lawyer Craig Kuhary

Whatever spousal assault charges you face, you can expect my complete dedication and commitment to your cause, your rights and your freedom. I also defend people against unfair restraining orders/protection orders.

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