Can They Take My Guns?

Can They Take My Guns?

Yes. They can. How can that be possible?

As a Wisconsin criminal defense attorney, I work hard for clients just like you who have asked that same question. Because I regularly represent clients facing charges related to domestic violence, I understand how Wisconsin’s domestic violence firearm surrender affects your Second Amendment rights and the bizarre consequences they can have on law-abiding gun owners.

Individualized Legal Services

I have intentionally structured my law practice at the law firm of Walden, Neitzke & Kuhary, S.C., to provide you with the individualized legal representation you are seeking. My approach allows me to investigate and learn the facts that make your case unique, facts which can often make the difference in a successful criminal defense.

I take particular pride in assisting those people who depend on firearms on a regular basis. These clients can include law enforcement, members of the military and hunters.

When you work with me, you will know you are receiving the benefit of 30 years of experience. That experience provides me with the seasoned legal judgment you want when you are dealing with an emerging area of law that at this point is being unevenly applied across the state.

Your Livelihood May Be at Stake. Put an Experienced Lawyer on Your Side.

Even the risk of having domestic violence attached to your case can alter your life forever, including career prospects. Consult with me as soon as you can to best protect your rights. Contact my Waukesha office online or call 262-239-7631.

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