Battery And Disorderly Conduct

A Solid Defense to Accusations of Physical Abuse

If you have been charged with battery or disorderly conduct, I can help. I am Waukesha battery lawyer Craig Kuhary. I defend people charged with disorderly conduct, battery (assault) and child abuse in southeastern Wisconsin.

Contact me at the criminal defense firm of Walden, Neitzke & Kuhary, S.C., for a free, confidential consultation. I will immediately begin working on your defense, gathering and reviewing police reports. If you were arrested for child abuse, we can explore a defense of reasonable parental discipline.

Five Different Types of Battery

There are different levels of domestic battery charges, ranging from ordinance violations such as disorderly conduct, where you would only have to pay a fine, to felonies that can result in jail or prison time.

Here are some of the most common assault offenses, ranging from the least to the most serious:

  • Disorderly conduct can be actions such as spouses having an argument in public, disturbing the peace, even public profanity.
  • Simple battery examples include hitting or slapping someone but not resulting in serious injury.
  • Reckless endangering safety is conduct that shows an utter disregard for the safety of another, even if no one is actually hurt by it. This includes such actions as pointing a loaded gun or driving 90 miles per hour in a hilly area.
  • Aggravated or substantial battery is charged when someone suffers serious injury.
  • Child abuse and child neglect charges often arise when others think that parental discipline was more serious than warranted.

I can seek a pretrial offer from the prosecutor, and then advise you whether you should have me try the case or accept a plea arrangement.

You should never plead guilty in a battery case, since a guilty plea can be used against you in a civil action as well as the criminal case. Even if you are guilty, I will enter a plea of no contest, which can’t be used against you.

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