Crimes Of Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Allegations in Waukesha, WI

Are you facing a situation involving legal issues of domestic violence, even though you may have done nothing wrong? In Wisconsin, the government has recently enacted numerous laws that have made these allegations even more serious.

To protect your rights in this situation, you can turn to me, Craig Kuhary, for experienced legal guidance. For more than 30 years, I have protected the rights of clients in difficult situations. As a result, I understand how the law works in our locality, how particular judges view certain situations and how many prosecutors negotiate and pursue their case.

Vague Law. Disastrous Consequences.

A domestic abuse injunction can result in you losing your guns. As a Wisconsin criminal defense attorney who understands the Second Amendment, I am uniquely positioned to protect your rights during these new laws. Let me help you understand what is at stake and how to fight back to protect your gun rights when a domestic violence designation is involved.

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