Police hope to locate Wisconsin man involved in fatal incident

Police hope to locate Wisconsin man involved in fatal incident

Situations involving domestic violence are often highly emotionally charged, and the individuals involved do not always use the best judgment when making quick decisions. In the most tragic of cases, the incident may turn deadly. It is not necessary for a man and a woman to be married to be involved in domestic violence. Even those who are just dating or living together in Wisconsin may end up in violent situations if one or both parties don’t have the necessary skills to deal with strong emotions that are often negative.

Although law enforcement had previously been called to the couple’s address for different reasons, an incident Monday that left the young woman dead was the first case of domestic violence they had dealt with at the home. It is believed that the man shot the woman and killed her as the result of a domestic argument that escalated out of control.

Because officials were unable to find the gun that had been used in the shooting, they believe the man is still in possession of the weapon. Law enforcement is enlisting the help of the public to locate the man, who they believe to be armed and dangerous.

In this particular situation, the man may help himself more by turning himself into authorities and giving his side of the story. With the death of his girlfriend and the fact that he ran away, the man may benefit from seeking a plea deal with prosecutors. He may also benefit from seeking the advice of an attorney before turning himself over to authorities.

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