Police charge man who supposedly had child pornography on PC

Police charge man who supposedly had child pornography on PC

A 45-year-old man in Wisconsin has recently been charged with child pornography possession. Apparently, authorities identified a specific computer using a peer-to-peer online network that is known for child pornography distribution. With the help of the Internet service provider, authorities determined that the computer was located at an address on Main Street.

Authorities reportedly found that the IP address was associated with a downstairs tenant. However, authorities somehow linked the 45-year-old man, who lived upstairs and was using the other tenant’s Internet service, to the child porn crime. He was taken into custody for a probation violation that was not related to child porn possession.

During an interview at the station, he supposedly said that he had a Compaq PC that he purchased from Walmart. He informed authorities that he used it to play games, watch TV shows and download radio shows. He also allegedly admitted to finding pornography while perusing the Internet, but he said that he never actually searched for porn. He said he did have a single video of adult porn on his computer that had been downloaded and never deleted.

His computer was confiscated by authorities when he supposedly violated his probation. An analysis was done on his computer with the man’s consent. During this analysis, a sexually explicit image of females under 18 years of age was purportedly found. If he is found to be guilty of these charges and is convicted, he faces up to 25 years of incarceration, in addition to fines. For that reason, he — as well as anyone else facing similar child pornography charges in Wisconsin — may want to take the necessary steps to become familiar with the law and the rights granted to accused individuals.

Source: dailyunion.com, “Lake Mills man charged with possessing child pornography“, Ryan Whisner, June 19, 2015